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"we'd lie under that star, on many a soft clear night we'd lie on the green, green
and hold each other tight".
AxCx - In My Heart There’s a
Star Named After u

mpzone wastebitch

adidas this is for the most special person in my life, and the only one i have the pleasure of bragging and writing about. the person who has been with me all year, and i seriously hope that this 2022 i can also share his company. it will be a new year and i don't regret meeting you, 2 years and it still seems crazy to me. to have found the person i connect with so much more than my own closest relatives. i wish so much that i could visit you this coming year, or spend so much more time with.

the most beautiful person I was lucky enough to meet, I like to remember our beautiful moments when I am alone. I would like to do everything with you and behave like the bride that I would like to be, but there is so little for me to do and what I can do. I know I behave like a fool sometimes, for trying to question your weird behaviors or idk, but even so while you behave weird, I still love you more. I am so absurd when I write to you, but I feel good knowing that I have never done this for anyone other than you. and I am happy to have shown all my being to you, but even so the horrible fear of being abandoned always persists, and that I cannot show you all my love before, I am used to hearing that love is stupid, maybe it is, but I would like ours to be more special than that. and that all the silly comments.

I don't want anyone else if it's not you, and I refuse to look for someone else if the opportunity ever presents itself, and I hope that never happens. I don't know, all people are so empty and they always have that something that I come to hate, they can never be perfect, they always seem monotonous to me, but you are so different from what I am used to and you always seemed so great to me. I bring out my only loving / sensitive side for you, and you are what makes me feel human, all this happened so fast, I can't believe that sometimes I keep thinking about our things in July, and that in 2 days it will be 2022.

and that All this happened with you and I do not regret it at all, you are always in my head, it hurts not to be able to touch you to calm me down, but it feels good having you by my side. You are my everything, I know that in the face of all visions that is supposed to be wrong, but it seems fine to me. and I like that you are and you will continue to be, I like how you are, in all your stages and moments. That is why I will never look for anyone else, and if you want I will spend my life with you. if you need me too

I know that from me, there could be millions of replacements, better girls or with better bodies and personality. but I doubt that my affection can be equaled, at least I feel it that way, maybe someone grew up with the necessary love, so I think I'm a little rat in love, kek. But the love that I have jealously guarded for you, does not compare at all to things that I have lived in the past, (not with other boys or something like that)

but if for the affection that I have for certain people in my childhood, which is not equal to all the accumulated love that I have for you. I only wish your eternal peace and that you can always be happy, even if one day you leave, I will always wish the best for you, that you have taught me and completed in a beautiful way, and I am proud to be able to go out with a boy as precious as you, so similar in every way to me. with such great musical tastes and tastes in general.

ik that I am jealous and stressful many times, but I am so jealous that they want my boy, that they fuck you or want something, I want you to be completely mine, when I see you you will be. and I will not share you with anyone else, I will take care of your nose and I will give you a cd of Apati or Death in June, and I will be by your side, I will also give you my Nazi cartman pin :), and my photo as a child holding a mortadella.