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really a fan of noise, japanoise and power electronics. i'm quite nervous and don't like annoying interactions if i don't know you.

more about me....

4 johan!!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


① this site is still being edited, so it tends to be very changeable, btw many links are empty or badly edited just because of that.

② the site contains tw, so if you are sensitive or disgusted by all kinds of shit other than animals or cute things, don't enter here and avoid it ok.
anime-moraler03 NEW UPDATE!: i have changed the name and the home page (again kek), but I am also working on other pages and new ones. I get tired too quickly of seeing everything the same on my site.

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music: my favorite music bands / songs i love.

photobook: my gallery of photos i have collected, some may be disgusting, avoid entering if it bothers you.

my guestbook: new cool guestbook!!!!! :D